Provided by: ginga_2.7.2-2_all bug


       ginga - Astronomical FITS Image Viewer


       ginga [options] cmd [args]


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Buffer length to NUM

       -c CHANNELS, --channels=CHANNELS
              Specify list of channels to create

              Enter the pdb debugger on main()

              Specify plugins that should be disabled

              Use X display on HOST:N

              Prefer FITS I/O module NAME

       -g GEOM, --geometry=GEOM
              X geometry for initial size and placement

              Specify additional modules to load

              Don't restore the GUI from a saved layout

              Don't display the splash screen

              Start NUM threads in thread pool

              Use OpenCv acceleration

              Use OpenCL acceleration

              Specify additional plugins to load

              Run the profiler on main()

       --sep  Load files in separate channels

       -t NAME, --toolkit=NAME
              Prefer GUI toolkit (gtk|qt)

              Prefer WCS module NAME

              Write logging output to FILE

              Set logging level to LEVEL

              Use a null logger

              Set maximum logging level to NUMBYTES

              Set maximum number of backups to NUM

              Remove log if present (don't append)

              Copy logging also to stderr