Provided by: git-annex_7.20190129-2_amd64 bug


       git-annex-fromkey - adds a file using a specific key


       git annex fromkey [key file ...]


       This plumbing-level command can be used to manually set up a file in the git repository to
       link to a specified key.

       Multiple pairs of file and key can be given in a single command line.

       If no key and file pair are specified on the command line, batch input is used,  the  same
       as if the --batch option were specified.

       Normally  the  key is a git-annex formatted key. However, to make it easier to use this to
       add urls, if the key cannot be parsed as a key,  and  is  a  valid  url,  an  URL  key  is
       constructed  from  the  url. Note that this does not register the url as a location of the
       key; use git-annex-registerurl(1) to do that.



              Allow making a file link to a key whose content is not in the local repository. The
              key may not be known to git-annex at all.

              In  batch input mode, lines are read from stdin, and each line should contain a key
              and filename, separated by a single space.

       -z     When in batch mode, the input is delimited by nulls instead of the usual newlines.

              (Note that for this to be used, you have  to  explicitly  enable  batch  mode  with




       Joey Hess <>