Provided by: git-annex_7.20190129-2_amd64 bug


       git-annex-resolvemerge - resolve merge conflicts


       git annex resolvemerge


       Resolves  a conflicted merge, by adding both conflicting versions of the file to the tree,
       using variants of their filename. This is done automatically when using git annex sync  or
       git annex merge.

       Note  that only merge conflicts that involve one or more annexed files are resolved. Merge
       conflicts between two files that are not annexed will not be automatically resolved.


       Suppose Alice commits a change to annexed file foo, and Bob commits a different change  to
       the same file foo.

       Merging between them will then fail, and git will present the merge conflict as a file foo
       pointing to one version of the git-annex symlink, with git status indicating that foo  has
       an unresolved conflict.

       Running  git  annex  resolvemerge  in  this  situation will resolve the merge conflict, by
       replacing the file foo with files named like foo.variant-c696 and foo.variant-f16a. One of
       the  files  has  the  content that Alice committed, and the other has the content that Bob

       The user can then examine the two variants of the file, and either merge the  two  changes
       into a single file, or rename one of them back to foo and delete the other.




       Joey Hess <>