Provided by: git-big-picture_0.9.0+git20131031-2_all bug


       git-big-picture - visualize git repositories


       git-big-picture OPTIONS [<repo-directory>]


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              run cProfile profiler writing pstats output to FILE

       -d, --debug
              activate debug output

   Output Options
       Options to control output and format

       -f FMT, --format=FMT
              set output format [svg, png, ps, pdf, ...]

       -g, --graphviz
              output lines suitable as input for dot/graphviz

       -G, --no-graphviz
              disable dot/graphviz output

       -p, --processed
              output the dot processed, binary data

       -P, --no-processed
              disable binary output

       -v CMD, --viewer=CMD
              write image to tempfile and start specified viewer

       -V, --no-viewer
              disable starting viewer

       -o FILE, --outfile=FILE
              write image to specified file

       -O, --no-outfile
              disable writing image to file

   Filter Options:
       Options to control commit/ref selection

       -a, --all
              include all commits

       -b, --branches
              show commits pointed to by branches

       -B, --no-branches
              do not show commits pointed to by branches

       -t, --tags
              show commits pointed to by tags

       -T, --no-tags
              do not show commits pointed to by tags

       -r, --roots
              show root commits

       -R, --no-roots
              do not show root commits

       -m, --merges
              include merge commits

       -M, --no-merges
              do not include merge commits

       -i, --bifurcations
              include bifurcation commits

       -I, --no-bifurcations
              do not include bifurcation commits