Provided by: git-lfs_2.6.1-3_amd64 bug


       git-lfs-install - Install Git LFS configuration.


       git lfs install options


       Perform the following actions to ensure that Git LFS is setup properly:

       ·   Set up the clean and smudge filters under the name "lfs" in the global Git config.

       ·   Install  a pre-push hook to run git-lfs-pre-push(1) for the current repository, if run
           from inside one. If "core.hooksPath" is  configured  in  any  Git  configuration  (and
           supported,  i.e., the installed Git version is at least 2.9.0), then the pre-push hook
           will be installed to that directory instead.


       Without any options, git lfs install will only setup the "lfs" smudge and clean filters if
       they are not already set.

              Sets the "lfs" smudge and clean filters, overwriting existing values.

              Sets  the  "lfs"  smudge  and  clean  filters in the local repository´s git config,
              instead of the global git config (~/.gitconfig).

              Print  instructions  for  manually  updating  your   hooks   to   include   git-lfs
              functionality.  Use  this option if git lfs install fails because of existing hooks
              and you want to retain their functionality.

              Sets  the  "lfs"  smudge  and  clean  filters  in  the  system  git  config,   e.g.
              /etc/gitconfig instead of the global git config (~/.gitconfig).

              Skips  automatic  downloading  of  objects on clone or pull. This requires a manual
              "git lfs pull" every time a new commit is checked out on your repository.

              Skips setup of the local repo; use if you want to install the  global  lfs  filters
              but not make changes to the current repo.



       Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

                                           January 2019                        GIT-LFS-INSTALL(1)