Provided by: git-lfs_2.6.1-3_amd64 bug


       git-lfs-ls-files - Show information about Git LFS files in the index and working tree


       git lfs ls-files [ref]


       Display  paths  of  Git LFS files that are found in the tree at the given reference. If no
       reference is given, scan the currently checked-out branch. An asterisk (*) after  the  OID
       indicates a LFS pointer, a minus (-) a full object.


       -l --long
              Show the entire 64 character OID, instead of just first 10.

       -s --size
              Show the size of the LFS object between parenthesis at the end of a line.

       -d --debug
              Show  as much information as possible about a LFS file. This is intended for manual
              inspection; the exact format may change at any time.

       -a --all
              Inspects the full history of  the  repository,  not  the  current  HEAD  (or  other
              provided reference).

              Shows  the  full  history  of the given reference, including objects that have been

       -I paths --include=paths
              Include paths matching only these patterns; see [FETCH SETTINGS].

       -X paths --exclude=paths
              Exclude paths matching any of these patterns; see [FETCH SETTINGS].

       -n --name-only
              Show only the lfs tracked file names.


       git-lfs-status(1), git-lfs-config(5).

       Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

                                           January 2019                       GIT-LFS-LS-FILES(1)