Provided by: git-lfs_2.6.1-3_amd64 bug


       git-lfs-unlock - Remove "locked" setting for a file on the Git LFS server


       git lfs unlock OPTIONS path


       Removes the given file path as "locked" on the Git LFS server. Files must exist and have a
       clean git status before they can be unlocked. The --force flag will skip these checks.


       -r name --remote=name
              Specify the Git LFS server to use. Ignored if the lfs.url config key is set.

       -f --force
              Tells the server to remove the lock, even if it´s owned by another user.

       -i <id> --id=<id>
              Specifies a lock by its ID instead of path.

       --json Writes lock info as JSON to STDOUT if the command exits successfully. Intended  for
              interoperation  with  external  tools.  If the command returns with a non-zero exit
              code, plain text messages will be sent to STDERR.


       git-lfs-lock(1), git-lfs-locks(1).

       Part of the git-lfs(1) suite.

                                           January 2019                         GIT-LFS-UNLOCK(1)