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       gmail-notify - A Gmail Notifier




       gmail-notify  Gmail  Notifier  is a Linux alternative for the notifier program released by
       Google, it is written in Python and provides an attractive and simple way to check for new
       mail messages.

       Open  the  notifier.conf  file  in  your  favourite text editor and edit the configuration
       options  to  match  your  system.  Below  is  an  explanation   of   each   option:   (See
       notifier.conf.sample  located  in  the /usr/share/doc/gmail-notify directory for a helpful

       gmailusername - fairly self explanatory, must be without the at the end

       gmailpassword - obvious

       browserpath - this is the full path to the browser that you want Gmail  Notifier  to  open
       when you click the popup to goto your Gmail inbox

       voffset  -  this  is the amount (in pixels) the popup will be displaced from the bottom of
       the screen, it will almost definitely need changing to suit your system, ideally, you want
       it  to  look  like  it  came out of the bar along the bottom of the screen the best way to
       adjust it is to run it initially with the default value and then add/remove from  it  then
       test again. Higher values result in the popup appearing higher up the screen.

       hoffset  - same as above only this is the amount the popup will be displaced from the side
       of the screen. Higher values will displace it more to the left of the screen.

       checkinterval - this is how often Gmail Notifier will check for new mail (in ms),  do  NOT
       set  it  lower  than 20000 (20 seconds), or the libgmail library will not keep up, causing
       many strange side effects. If you need to check your mail more than once every 20 seconds,
       then chances are your famous and don't have time to read your mail anyway.

       animationdelay  -  this is the amount of time (in ms) that Gmail Notifier will wait before
       moving the popup up one step, when the popup is popping up, to high values will cause  the
       animation  to  be jerky, to low values will cause tearing at the bottom of the popup. 15ms
       seems about right. Only small adjustments are necessary, best thing is to leave it alone.

       popuptimespan - this is the amount of time before the popup  will  disappear  again  after
       popping up you can set this to  whatever you want

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       John Winter <>

                                           May 31, 2006                           gmail-notify(1)