Provided by: gman_0.9.3-5.2ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       gman - GTK+ based front-end for man, a good replacment for xman.




       Gman  is  a  front-end  for  the  manual  page  system.  gman builds a database of all the
       available man pages and displays them in a list. Clicking on an entry in  the  list  makes
       gman launch another window with the manual page displayed in it.

       Gman  can  launch  more  than one window at same time. The user can use the index/key word
       search function to look for the man pages that they need.

       It is simple, but it is useful.


       There are no command line options for gman, for now.


       Currently gman has 4 different modes to present the man pages, available as the  following
       items in the View menu:

       xTerm  This will launch an X terminal emulator with the man output shown inside.

              You  can  add  the  following  line  to  your  ~/.gman  file in order to select the
              preferred X terminal emulator:

                       xterm_command = rxvt

              gman will present man pages in a GhostView window for you to view and print the man

              This requires GhostView (command "gv") to be available on your system.

       Evince gman  will  present man pages in an Evince window for you to view and print the man

              This requires GNOME Evince (command "evince") to be available on your system.

              gman will launch a web browser window to show you the man page.

              This requires man2html and web browser (command "sensible-browser") to be available
              on your system.

              In  this  mode,  you  can view the pages with web browser and navigate from one man
              page to another by clicking the links in the man pages.

              This requires man2html, web browser (command "sensible-browser") and a HTTP  server
              running on localhost.


              Contains  configuration  information  for gman, such as window size and paths where
              the manual pages are contained.  For example,

              v_size = 400
              h_size = 300
              xterm_command = rxvt
              show_warning = 0
              man_paths = /usr/local/man:/usr/local/share/man:/usr/share/man

              For more information, see init_context() function in gman.c  for  all  the  options

              ~/.gman is read by gman on startup, and written on exit.


       man(1), man(7), xterm(1).


       Gman was written by a smart guy named Xinkai Wang <>.

       Home page of gman is at: ⟨⟩