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       gnatdoc - extract documentation from Ada sources


       gnatdoc -Pproject[.gpr]


       GNATdoc   is  a  documentation  tool  for  Ada  which  processes  source  files,  extracts
       documentation directly from the sources, and generates annotated HTML files. It  is  based
       on  the  source  cross-reference  information (e.g. generated by GNAT for Ada files). This
       means that you should ensure that cross-reference information has  been  generated  before
       generating  the  documentation.  It also relies on standard comments that it extracts from
       the source code. The engine in charge of extracting them coupled with the  cross-reference
       engine  gives  GNATdoc  all the flexibility needed to generate accurate documentation, and
       report errors in case of wrong documentation.

       -P project[.gpr], -Pproject[.gpr], --project=project[.gpr]
              path to the main GNAT project

              set an external project variable

       -RARG, --regexp=ARG
              only extract comments matching a regular expression

       -b     process bodies extract  documentation  from  package  body  if  none  is  found  in

              source files to ignore, separated by spaces or commas

       -l     extract comments located before the declaration, not after

              restrict processing to the main project

       -p     process private part of packages

       -q     only display errors

              only process one source in this project

       -w     warn for fields, parameters or subprograms without documentation

              launch  gprbuild  on the project before processing it -h, --help display usage then


       gprbuild (1), various user guides in the /usr/share/doc/gnat-gps directory  if  the  gnat-
       gps-doc  Debian  package  is  installed  on  your  system, and the full gprbuild manual at


       The GNAT Programming Studio has been written and is maintained by Ada  Core  Technologies.
       If  you  are  interested  in  getting commercial support for this software, please contact

       This manual page has been written by Nicolas Boulenguez  <>  for  Debian