Provided by: gnome-keysign_1.0.1-3_all bug


       gnome-keysign - easy signing of OpenPGP keys over the local network




       GNOME Keysign is a tool for signing OpenPGP keys.

       Its  purpose  is  to  ease  signing  other  peoples' keys. It is similar to caff, PIUS, or
       monkeysign. In fact, it is influenced a lot by these tools and either  reimplements  ideas
       or  reuses  code.  Consider  either of the above mentioned tools when you need a much more
       mature codebase.

       In contrast to caff or monkeysign, this tool enables you to sign a key without  contacting
       a key server. It downloads an authenticated copy of the key from the other party. For now,
       the key is authenticated by its fingerprint which is securely transferred via a  QR  code.
       Alternatively,  the  user  may  type  the  fingerprint manually, assuming that it has been
       transferred securely via the audible channel.

       After having obtained an authentic copy of the key, its UIDs are  signed.  The  signatures
       are then encrypted and sent via email. In contrast to monkeysign, xdg-email is used to pop
       up a pre-filled email composer windows of the mail client the user has configured to  use.
       This  greatly  reduces  complexity as no SMTP configuration needs to be obtained and gives
       the user a well known interface.