Provided by: gnunet_0.10.1-5.1_amd64 bug


       gnunet-testing-run-service - Command line tool to start a service for testing.


       gnunet-testing-run-service [options]


       gnunet-testing-run-service  is  a  command  line  tool  to start a service for testing. It
       starts a peer, running only the service specified on the command line, outputs the path to
       the temporary configuration file to stdout.

       The  peer  will  run  until  this  program is killed, or stdin is closed. When reading the
       character 'r' from stdin, the running service is restarted with the same configuration.

       This executable is intended to be used by gnunet-java, in order to reliably start and stop
       services for test cases.


       -c FILENAME,  --config=FILENAME
              Name of the template configuration file to use (optional).

       -h, --help
              Print short help on options.

       -s SERVICE, --service=SERVICE
              Name of the service to run.


       Report  bugs  by  using Mantis <> or by sending electronic mail to