Provided by: gogglesmm_0.12.7-3build2_amd64 bug


       gogglesmm - Goggles Music Manager


       gogglesmm [options] [file]


       Goggles  Music  Manager  is  a  music  collection  manager and player. It supports gapless
       playback and features easy tag editing.


       General Options

       -h, --help
              Display list of options

       -v, --version
              Display version information

       Startup Options

       --tray Start minimized to tray

              Disables opengl based features

              Output xine debug info to standard output

       Playback Control

       --play Start playback

              Pause playback

              Toggle pause / playback.

              Play previous track

       --next Play next track

       --stop Stop playback

       Misc Options

              Show or Hide the main window

              Try to raise the main window

              Show now playing notification


       Ctrl-N Reset default sorting order in current view.

       Ctrl-R Shuffle track list.

       Ctrl-B Toggles browse mode on or off.

       Ctrl-G Toggles Genre list in browse mode.

       Ctrl-Q Quit Goggles Music Manager.

       Ctrl-O Import files from given directory.

       Ctrl-J Jump to playing song in track list.

       Ctrl-F or /

       Ctrl-S Show source browser

       Ctrl-P Start / Pause playback.

       Ctrl-  Stop playback.

       Ctrl-[ Play previous track.

       Ctrl-] Play next track.

       Ctrl-T Toggle Repeat A-B.

       Ctrl-A Select All in lists.

       Ctrl-W Close Window

       F11 or Ctrl-M
              Toggle between mini player and browser.

       F12    Show Full Screen.

       F2     Edit selected track, album, artist or genre.

       Del    Delete selected track, album, artist or genre.


              Music Database

              xine settings


              Icon theme cache


       Sander Jansen <>

                                          03 August 2010                             gogglesmm(1)