Provided by: gostsum_1.1.0.3-1_amd64 bug


       gostsum - generates or checks GOST R34.11-94 message digests


       gostsum [-bvt] [-c [file]] | [file...]


       gostsum  generates  or  checks GOST hash sums. The algorithm to generate the is reasonably
       fast and strong enough for most cases. Exact specification of the  algorithm  is  in  GOST

       Normally  gostsum  generates  checksums of all files given to it as a parameter and prints
       the checksums followed by the filenames. If, however, -c is specified, only  one  filename
       parameter  is  allowed.  This  file  should contain checksums and filenames to which these
       checksums refer to, and the files listed in that file are checked  against  the  checksums
       listed there. See option -c for more information.

       -b     Use  binary  mode. In unix environment, only difference between this and the normal
              mode is an asterisk preceding the filename in the output.

       -c     Check gost hashes of all files listed in file against the checksum  listed  in  the
              same  file.  The  actual format of that file is the same as output of md5sum.  That
              is, each line in the file describes a file. A line looks like:

              <hashsum> <filename>

              So, for example, if a file was created and its message digest calculated like so:

              echo foo > hash-test-file; gostsum hash-test-file

              gostsum would report:

              1541e09d0aa5971f732991ae1bdfb63f2609edd7536b40f8c2ae7c1e2f99e072 hash-test-file

       -v     Be more verbose. Print filenames when checking (with -c).

       -t     Use test parameter set.  gostsum supports two sets of parameters (which are  really
              parameters  of GOST 28147-89 block cipher) specified in the IETF draft draft-popov-
              cryptopro-cpalgs-02.txt By default, cryptopro paramset is used. This option enables
              use of test paramset as specified in appendices to the GOST.


       The  output  of  gost12sum  has  a  reversed byte order compared to output of openssl dgst
       command because of the Russian GOST requrements.


       This manpage is not quite accurate and has formatting inconsistent with other manpages.

       gostsum does not accept standard options like --help.


            Victor Wagner <>