Provided by: gpaste_3.30.2-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       GPaste - A lightweight clipboard manager for the Gnome desktop


       [command |] gpaste-client [options...]


       GPaste  is  a  modular  clipboard  management system with a fully DBus-based daemon, a CLI
       client and a gtk+ tray icon.


       gpaste-client [history]
              Display the history with indexes

       gpaste-client history-size
              Display this size of the history

       gpaste-client get-history
              Get the name of the current history

       gpaste-client backup-history
              Backup the current history

       gpaste-client switch-history
              Switch to another history

       gpaste-client delete-history
              Delete a history

       gpaste-client list-histories
              List available histories

       gpaste-client add <text>
              Add the text into the history

       gpaste-client add-password <name> <password>
              Add the name - password couple to the history

       gpaste-client delete-password <name>
              Delete the password <name>

       gpaste-client set-password <number> <name>
              Mark the <number>th item of the history as being a password named <name>

       gpaste-client rename-password <old name> <new name>
              Rename the password

       gpaste-client get <number>
              Get the <number>th item from the history

       gpaste-client select <number>
              Put the <number>th item of the history into the clipboard

       gpaste-client replace <number> <contents>
              Replace the contents of the <number>th item of the history with the provided one

       gpaste-client  merge  [--decoration|-d  <string>]  [--separator|-s  <string>]  <number>  
              Merge the <number>th items of the history and put the result in the clipboard
              If foo bar and baz are respectively index 1 3 and 4 in history and you run
              gpaste-client merge -d '"' -s ',' 1 3 4
              You will end up with "foo","bar","baz" in your clipboard

       gpaste-client delete <number>
              Delete the <number>th item of the history

       gpaste-client file <path>
              Put the content of the file at <path> into the clipboard

       command | gpaste-client
              Put the output of the command into the history

       gpaste-client empty
              Empty the history

       gpaste-client start
              Start tracking clipboard changes

       gpaste-client stop
              Stop tracking clipboard changes

       gpaste-client upload <number>
              Upload the <number>th item to a pastebin service

       gpaste-client ui
              Launch the graphical tool

       gpaste-client daemon-reexec
              Reexecute the daemon, for example after upgrading GPaste

       gpaste-client settings
              Launch the configuration tool

       gpaste-client version
              Display the version

       gpaste-client daemon-version
              Display the daemon version

       gpaste-client help
              Display the help

       gpaste-client about
              Display the about dialog

       gpaste-client show-history
              Make the applet or extension display the history


              Display each item on one line, without new lines

       --raw  Display the item raw (without index)

              Display the items in reverse order

       --zero Use NUL character instead of new lines between each item