Provided by: gpgv-static_2.2.12-1ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       gpgv-static - Verify OpenPGP signatures (static build)


       gpgv-static [options] signed_files


       gpgv is an OpenPGP signature verification tool.

       gpgv-static  is gpgv built statically so that it can be directly used on any platform that
       is running on the Linux kernel, such as Android, ChromeOS, or many embedded Linux systems.

       This version of gpgv in combination with debootstrap and the Debian archive keyring allows
       the  secure  creation  of  chroot  installs  on  these  platforms by using the full Debian
       signature verification that is present in all official Debian mirrors.

       You may wish to re-name the binary to plain gpgv when transferring it into such a platform
       to create a chroot.

       Please read the documentation for gpgv for more details.




       This manual page was written by Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> for the Debian
       project, but may be used by others under the same license as GnuPG itself.