Provided by: gprbuild_2018-6_amd64 bug


       gprbuild,  gprclean,  gprinstall,  gprconfig,  gprls,  gprname,  gprslave - multi-language
       extensible build tool


       These programs compile, clean and install multi-language projects specified by a .gpr GNAT
       Project File.

       The  gprconfig  tool creates configurations files for the other ones, interactively unless
       --batch is given.

       The gprslave tool is used for distributed builds.

       The gprls tool outputs information about sources, especially  whether  their  objects  are

       The gprname tool generates Naming attributes, which map Ada units to source files.

       Each of them will list understood options on standard output with --help.

       For  examples  and  known  problems, please look in the /usr/share/doc/gprbuild directory.
       Some hints specific to Debian may be found in /usr/share/doc/gprbuild/README.Debian.   The
       complete  gprbuild user guide cannot be distributed by Debian because it is licensed under
       the GNU Free Documentation  License  with  Invariant  Sections  and  Cover  Texts.  It  is
       published                by                upstream               authors               at


       This manual page was written by Stephen Leake <> and Nicolas
       Boulenguez  <>  for  the  Debian  project,  but it can be used for other
       purposes as well.