Provided by: graphdefang_2.84-3_amd64 bug


       Application for generating graphs from mimedefang log files.

SYNOPSIS [options]

         --help            brief help message
         --man             full documentation
         --quiet           quiet output
         --nodb            do not update SummaryDB
         --trim            trim the SummaryDB
         --nomax           ignore the max date/time in SummaryDB
         --file            optional log file to parse

       If called with no options, will parse the logfile as defined by the
       $DATAFILE variable.


       --help  Print a brief help message and exits.

       --man   Prints the manual page and exits.

       --quiet Do not produce status output from

       --nodb  Do not use nor update the SummaryDB, just parse the file and draw graphs from it.

       --trim  Trim the SummaryDB to cut out old data.  It trims out: 1.  hourly data older than
               1.25x$NUM_HOURS_SUMMARY hours 2.  daily data older than 1.25x$NUM_DAYS_SUMMARY
               days 3.  all but top 25 sender, recipient, value1, value2, subject values
                   for all dates prior to the current hour, day, and month..

       --nomax Ignore the max date/time in the SummaryDB; add all lines from the parsed file to
               the database.

       --file  Optional log file to parse.  If this option is not set, graphdefang will use the
               $DATAFILE variable.

DESCRIPTION will read a file that contains syslog messages from mimedefang, update its
       internal summary database, and produce graphs as requested by the user.