Provided by: ivtools-bin_1.2.11a2-3_amd64 bug


       graphdraw - directed graph editor derived from drawtool


       graphdraw ['X-params'] [file]


       graphdraw implements a graph (node/edge) editor.  graphdraw adds two new graphical objects
       to idraw/drawtool: an elliptical shaped node and a directed edge represented as  an  arrow
       line.   Two  new  tools to create these objects are provided at the bottom of the toolbar.
       The Node tool (selectable by the 'N' key) takes a single mouse click  and  creates  a  new
       graph node at the click location.  The Edge tool (selectable by the 'E' key) lets you drag
       a line to create a new graph edge.  If an edge is drawn from or to an  existing  node,  it
       will  connect  itself  to  the  node(s)  and  maintain  that connectivity during any later
       movement of nodes or edges.  The Move tool will move edges  or  nodes,  rubberbanding  the
       rest  of  the  graph, and redrawing any connected edges to maintain graph connectivity and
       edge alignment.

       Nodes contain a (initially empty) text string which can be edited by  applying  the  Alter
       tool  to  a  node.   A  single  click on a node while on the Alter tool will create a text
       cursor, possibly within an existing text string, and allow editing of  the  text  via  the
       usual  Emacs editing commands.  A click outside the text terminates editing and causes the
       new text to be centered within the node.

       For Node and Edge objects, the Selection highlight mechanism has also  been  changed  from
       the  usual drawing of "handles" around a graphical object to a red foreground color.  When
       Nodes or Edges are selected, they turn red instead of handles being drawn around them.

       graphdraw documents are saved/restored in a readable text file.  Some of the  tokens  used
       in  the  text  file  are  specific  to  graphdraw  (and  possibly any program derived from
       graphdraw).  graph drawings can be exported to other idraw/drawtool applications  via  the
       "Export  Graphic"  command  (under  the File menu).  This generates Postscript in a format
       that idraw can read back in, and programs like drawtool can import  via  "Import  Graphic"
       (under the file menu).

       A  Tools  menu  has  been added to the set of pull-down menus to allow switching between a
       graph editing toolbar and a generic graphics editing toolbar.


            drawtool, idraw