Provided by: globus-simple-ca_5.0-1_all bug


       grid-ca-sign - Sign a certificate with a SimpleCA for use on a grid


       grid-ca-sign -in REQUEST -out CERTIFICATE [OPTIONS]

       grid-ca-sign [ -help | -h | -usage | -version | -versions ]


       The grid-ca-sign program signs a certificate based on a request file with a CA certificate
       created by grid-ca-create. The new certificate is written to a file. If the CA has already
       signed a certificate with the same subject name as contained in the certificate request,
       it will refuse to sign the new request unless the -force option is provided on the

       If run as a privileged user, grid-ca-sign uses the CA certificate and sign the
       certificate. For a non-privileged user, grid-ca-sign uses the CA certificate and
       configuration located in $HOME/.globus/simpleCA. The grid-ca-sign program an use a
       different CA configuration and certificate by using the -dir option.


       The full set of command-line options to grid-ca-sign follows. In addition to these,
       unknown options will be passed to the openssl command when creating the self-signed

       -help, -h, -usage
           Display the command-line options to grid-ca-sign and exit.

       -version, -versions
           Display the version number of the grid-ca-sign command. The second form includes
           details about the package containing grid-ca-sign.

       -in REQUEST
           Sign the request contained in the REQUEST file.

       -out CERTIFICATE
           Write the signed request to the CERTIFICATE file.

           Revoke any previously issued certificate with the same subject name as in the
           certificate request and issue a new certificate. Otherwise, grid-ca-sign will refuse
           to sign the request.

       -dir DIRECTORY
           Sign the certificate using the Simple CA certificate and configuration located in
           DIRECTORY instead of the default.

           Print the command-line options available for the openssl ca command.


       Sign a certificate request using the simple CA in $HOME/SimpleCA'

           % *grid-ca-sign* \
               -in usercert_request.pem \
               -out usercert.pem \
               -dir $HOME/SimpleCA

           To sign the request please enter the password for the CA key:

           The new signed certificate is at: /home/juser/.globus/simpleCA/newcerts/01.pem


       The following environment variables affect the execution of grid-ca-sign:

           Non-standard installation path of the Grid Community Toolkit.


       grid-cert-request(1), grid-ca-create(1), grid-default-ca(1), grid-ca-package(1)


       Copyright © 1999-2014 University of Chicago