Provided by: grokmirror_1.0.0-1.1_all bug


       GROK-PULL - Clone or update local git repositories


          grok-pull -c /path/to/repos.conf


       This  utility  runs  from  a cronjob and downloads the latest manifest from the grokmirror
       master. If there are new repositories or changes in the existing  repositories,  grok-pull
       will  perform  the  necessary  git  commands  to clone or fetch the required data from the

       At the end of its run, grok-pull will generate its own manifest file, which  can  then  be
       used for further mirroring.


                 show program's version number and exit

          -h, --help
                 show this help message and exit

          -v, --verbose
                 Be verbose and tell us what you are doing

          -n, --no-mtime-check
                 Run without checking manifest mtime.

          -f, --force
                 Force  full  git  update  regardless  of  last-modified  times. Also useful when
                 repos.conf has changed.

          -p, --purge
                 Remove any git trees that are no longer in manifest.

          -y, --pretty
                 Pretty-print the generated manifest (sort repos and add  indentation).  This  is
                 much slower, so should be used with caution on large collections.

          -r, --no-reuse-existing-repos
                 If any existing repositories are found on disk, do NOT set new remote origin and
                 reuse, just skip them entirely

          -m, --verify-mirror
                 Do not perform any updates, just verify that mirror matches upstream manifest.

          -s SUBPATH, --verify-subpath=SUBPATH
                 Only verify a subpath (accepts shell globbing)

          -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                 Location of repos.conf


       Locate repos.conf and modify it to reflect your needs. The default configuration  file  is
       heavily commented.

       Add  a  cronjob  to  run  as  frequently  as  you  like. For example, add the following to

          # Run grok-pull every minute as user "mirror"
          * * * * * mirror /usr/bin/grok-pull -p -c /etc/grokmirror/repos.conf

       Make sure the user "mirror" (or whichever user you specified) is  able  to  write  to  the
       toplevel, log and lock locations specified in repos.conf.


          · grok-manifest(1)

          · grok-fsck(1)

          · git(1)


       Please send support requests to the mailing list:


       License: GPLv3+


       The Linux Foundation and contributors