Provided by: grr-server_3.1.0.2+dfsg-6_amd64 bug


       grr_console - GRR Rapid Response server console


       grr_console [-h] [--verbose] [--debug] [--config CONFIG]
                   [--secondary_configs SECONDARY_CONFIGS] [--config_help]
                   [--context CONTEXT] [--plugins PLUGINS]
                   [--disallow_missing_config_definitions] [-p PARAMETER]
                   [--list_storage] [--local_client] [--local_worker]
                   [--client_ids CLIENT_IDS] [--hostnames HOSTNAMES]
                   [--testnames TESTNAMES] [--client CLIENT] [--reason REASON]
                   [--code_to_execute CODE_TO_EXECUTE]
                   [--command_file COMMAND_FILE] [--exit_on_complete]


       This  is  the  interactive console for the GRR server. Its usage follows the guidelines of
       IPython as it is based on this toolkit.


              Turn of verbose logging.

              When an unhandled exception occurs break in the debugger.

       --config CONFIG
              Primary Configuration file to use.  This  is  normally  taken  from  the  installed
              package and should rarely be specified.

       --secondary_configs   SECONDARY_CONFIGS  Secondary  configuration  files  to  load  (These
       override previous configuration files.).

              Print help about the configuration.

       --context CONTEXT
              Use these contexts for the config.

       --plugins PLUGINS
              Load these files as additional plugins.

       --disallow_missing_config_definitions If true, we  raise  an  error  on  undefined  config

       -p  PARAMETER,  --parameter  PARAMETER  Global  override  of config values. For example -p

              List all storage subsystems present.

              The target client(s) are running locally.

              Run tests with a local worker.

       --client_ids   CLIENT_IDS   List   of   client   ids   to   test.   If   unset   we    use
       Test.end_to_end_client_ids from the config.

       --hostnames   HOSTNAMES   List   of   client   hostnames   to   test.   If  unset  we  use
       Test.end_to_end_client_hostnames from the config.

       --testnames TESTNAMES List of test names to run. If unset we run all relevant tests.

       --client CLIENT
              Initialise the console with this client id (e.g.  C.1234345).

       --reason REASON
              Create a default token with this access reason

       --code_to_execute CODE_TO_EXECUTE If present, no console is started but the code given  in
       the flag is run instead (comparable to the -c option of IPython).

       --command_file  COMMAND_FILE  If  present,  no  console  is  started but the code given in
       command file is supplied as input instead.

              If set to False and command_file or code_to_execute is  set  we  keep  the  console
              alive after the code completes.


       grr_export(1), grr_fuse(1).


       GRR developers team <>