Provided by: grr-server_3.1.0.2+dfsg-6_amd64 bug


       grr_front_end - grr_front_end component of GRR Rapid Response server


       grr_front_end [-h] [--verbose] [--debug] [--config CONFIG]
                     [--secondary_configs SECONDARY_CONFIGS] [--config_help]
                     [--context CONTEXT] [--plugins PLUGINS]
                     [--disallow_missing_config_definitions] [-p PARAMETER]


       This  is  a  component of the GRR Rapid Response server. It is not meant to be called by a
       user directly but rather started and stopped using the GRR systemd service ('grr-server').


              Turn of verbose logging.

              When an unhandled exception occurs break in the debugger.

       --config CONFIG
              Primary Configuration file to use.  This  is  normally  taken  from  the  installed
              package and should rarely be specified.

       --secondary_configs   SECONDARY_CONFIGS  Secondary  configuration  files  to  load  (These
       override previous configuration files.).

              Print help about the configuration.

       --context CONTEXT
              Use these contexts for the config.

       --plugins PLUGINS
              Load these files as additional plugins.

       --disallow_missing_config_definitions If true, we  raise  an  error  on  undefined  config

       -p  PARAMETER,  --parameter  PARAMETER  Global  override  of config values. For example -p

              List all storage subsystems present.


       GRR developers team <>