Provided by: grr-server_3.1.0.2+dfsg-6_amd64 bug


       grr_fuse - mount GRR contents into the local filesystem


       grr_fuse [-h] [--verbose] [--debug] [--config CONFIG]
                [--secondary_configs SECONDARY_CONFIGS] [--config_help]
                [--context CONTEXT] [--plugins PLUGINS]
                [--disallow_missing_config_definitions] [-p PARAMETER]
                [--list_storage] [--aff4path AFF4PATH]
                [--mountpoint MOUNTPOINT] [--background] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                [--max_age_before_refresh MAX_AGE_BEFORE_REFRESH]
                [--refresh_policy {if_older_than_max_age,always,never}]
                [--sparse_image_threshold SPARSE_IMAGE_THRESHOLD]
                [--username USERNAME] [--reason REASON]


       This command mounts AFF4 containers from GRR into the local filesystem.


              Turn of verbose logging.

              When an unhandled exception occurs break in the debugger.

       --config CONFIG
              Primary  Configuration  file  to  use.  This  is  normally taken from the installed
              package and should rarely be specified.

       --secondary_configs  SECONDARY_CONFIGS  Secondary  configuration  files  to  load   (These
       override previous configuration files.).

              Print help about the configuration.

       --context CONTEXT
              Use these contexts for the config.

       --plugins PLUGINS
              Load these files as additional plugins.

       --disallow_missing_config_definitions  If  true,  we  raise  an  error on undefined config

       -p PARAMETER, --parameter PARAMETER Global override  of  config  values.  For  example  -p

              List all storage subsystems present.

       --aff4path AFF4PATH
              Path in AFF4 to use as the root of the filesystem.

       --mountpoint MOUNTPOINT Path to point at which the system should be mounted.

              Whether  or  not  to  run  the  filesystem  in  the  background,  not viewing debug

       --timeout TIMEOUT
              How long to poll a flow for before giving up.

       --max_age_before_refresh MAX_AGE_BEFORE_REFRESH Measured  in  seconds.  Do  a  client-side
       update if it's been this long since we last did one.

              Disables cache completely. Takes priority over refresh_policy.

       --refresh_policy  {if_older_than_max_age,always,never}  How  to refresh the cache. Options
       are: always (on every client-side access), never, or,  by  default,  if_older_than_max_age
       (if last accessed > max_age seconds ago).

              Whether  to  convert  existing  files  bigger than the size threshold to new, empty

       --sparse_image_threshold SPARSE_IMAGE_THRESHOLD If a client side file that's  not  in  the
       datastore yet is >= than this size, then store it as a sparse image.

       --username USERNAME
              Username to use for client authorization check.

       --reason REASON
              Reason  to  use  for  client authorization check. This needs to match the string in
              your approval request.


       grr_console(1), grr_export(1).


       GRR developers team <>