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       gspiceui - GUI frontend for various electronic circuit simulation engines


       gspiceui [-v] [-h] [-r RCFILE] [-c] [-s SIMENG] [-a ANA] [-g [PROC]] [-w VIEWER] [FILE/S]


       GNU SPICE GUI is intended to provide a GUI for various freely available electronic circuit
       simulation engines ie. GNU-Cap and NG-Spice. It uses gnetlist to convert  schematic  files
       to  net list files and gWave or Gaw to display simulation results. gSchem is the preferred
       schematic capture tool.


       gspiceui accepts the following options :

       -v          Print version information.

       -h          Print usage information.

       -d          Enable debug mode (generates console spew on standard error).

       -r RCFILE   Specify a configuration file.

       -c          Rebuild/clean the configuration file.

       -s SIMENG   Specify the simulation engine to be used.

       -a ANA      Specify the analysis page to be displayed.

       -g [PROC]   Specify the guile procedure which is executed to create the netlist.

       -w VIEWER   Specify the waveform viewer to be used.

       FILE/S      Specify a circuit description file to load or schematic file/s to  import.  If
                   multiple  schematics files are specified they are read sequentially and parsed
                   with the assumption that they are all part of the same design. Any file/s must
                   be specified at the end of the command line.

       NOTE : Option -s should come before -a if both are specified.


       Report bugs to <mwaters517_AT_gmail_DOT_com>.


       Written by Mike Waters


       gschem (1), gnetlist (1), ngspice (1), gnucap (1), gwave (1), gaw (1)


       Copyright © 2003-2014 Mike Waters

       This document can be freely redistributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public
       License version 3