Provided by: guake_3.4.0-1_all bug


       guake — A drop-down terminal for GNOME environment.


       guake  [-h, --help] [-p, --preferences] [-a, --about] [-q, --quit] [-f, --fullscreen] [-t,
       --toggle-visiblity]  [--show]  [--hide]  [-s,  --select-tab]  [-g,  --selected-tab]   [-e,
       --execute-command] [-t, --tab-index] [--bgcolor] [--fgcolor] [-r, --rename-current-tab]


       Guake  is  a  drop-down  terminal  for  GNOME and any other desktop.  It aims to provide a
       quick-access terminal, that show/hide on screen with a simple key pressing.


       -h, --help Show summary of options.

       -t, --toggle-visibility
              Toggle the visibility of guake

       --show Display the main window

       --hide Hide the main window

       -p, --preferences
              Shows the preferences window of guake

       -a, --about
              Shows the about window of guake

       -n, --new-tab
              Create a new tab in Guake

       -s, --select-tab
              Select a tab given its 0-based index

       -g, --selected-tab
              Return the index of the current tab

       -e, --execute-command
              Execute a command in the selected tab

       -i, --tab-index
              Specify which tab to rename. Default is 0.

              Set the hexadecimal (#rrggbb) background color of the selected tab.

              Set the hexadecimal (#rrggbb) foreground color of the selected tab

              Rename the specified tab. Reset to default if TITLE is a single dash "-".

       -r, --rename-current-tab
              Rename the current tab. Reset to default if TITLE is a single dash "-".

       -q, --quit
              Closes the current running guake


       guake was originally written by <>

       This manual page  was  written  by  Gabriel  Falcao  Goncalves  de  Moura  <gabriel@guake->, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).