Provided by: guvcview_2.0.6+debian-1_amd64 bug


       guvcview - GTK+ base UVC Viewer




       Guvcview is a simple GTK+ interface for capturing and viewing video from devices supported
       by the Linux UVC driver.  It fully supports video4linux2 so it should work with any driver
       that supports this API, including the gspca driver.


       guvcview [options...]


         -h, --help                                 Print help
         -v, --version                              Print version
         -w, --verbosity=LEVEL                      Set Verbosity level (def: 0)
         -d, --device=DEVICE                        Set device name (def: /dev/video0)
         -c, --capture=METHOD                       Set capture method [read | mmap (def)]
         -b, --disable_libv4l2                      disable calls to libv4l2
         -x, --resolution=WIDTHxHEIGHT              Request resolution (e.g 640x480)
         -f, --format=FOURCC                        Request format (e.g MJPG)
         -r, --render=RENDER_API                    Select render API (e.g none; sdl)
         -m, --render_window=RENDER_WINDOW_FLAGS    Set render window flags (e.g none; full; max)
         -a, --audio=AUDIO_API                      Select audio API (e.g none; port; pulse)
         -k,  --audio_device=AUDIO_DEVICE             Select  audio device index for selected api
         -g, --gui=GUI_API                          Select GUI API (e.g none; gtk3)
         -o, --audio_codec=CODEC                    Audio codec [pcm mp2 mp3 aac ac3 vorb]
         -u, --video_codec=CODEC                    Video codec [raw mjpg  mpeg  flv1  wmv1  mpg2
       mp43 dx50 h264 vp80 theo]
         -p, --profile=FILENAME                     load control profile
         -j, --video=FILENAME                       filename for captured video)
         -i, --image=FILENAME                       filename for captured image)
         -y, --video_timer=TIME_IN_SEC              time (double) in sec. for video capture)
         -t,  --photo_timer=TIME_IN_SEC               time  (double)  in  sec.  between  captured
         -n, --photo_total=TOTAL                    total number of captured photos)
         -z, --control_panel                        Start in control panel mode


       This manual page was written by Paulo Assis <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).

                                             Aug 2015                                 GUVCVIEW(1)