Provided by: python-hachoir-urwid_1.1-3_all bug


       Hachoir - interactive file explorer using urwid (ncurses)


       usage: hachoir-urwid [options] filename

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit


       Option of urwid explorer

              Number of fields to preload at each read

              Initial path to focus on

              Use the specified parser (use its identifier)

              Skip first bytes of input file

              List all parsers then exit

              Run profiler

              Force update of the screen beetween each event

              Maximum size of bytes of input file

              Don't display value

              Don't display size

              Display version and exit

              Hachoir library:

              Configure Hachoir library

              Verbose mode

              Write log in a file

              Quiet mode (don't display warning)

              Debug mode