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       HATop - interactive ncurses client for haproxy


       hatop -s SOCKET [OPTIONS]


       HATop  is  an  interactive  ncurses client and real-time monitoring, statistics displaying
       tool for the HAProxy TCP/HTTP load balancer.

       HATop's appearance is similar to top(1). It supports various modes for detailed statistics
       of  all  configured  proxies  and  services in near realtime.  In addition, it features an
       interactive CLI for the haproxy unix socket.  This allows administrators  to  control  the
       given  haproxy  instance  (change  server  weight, put servers into maintenance mode, ...)
       directly out of hatop (using keybinds or the CLI) and monitor the results immediately.

       HATop uses a unix domain socket to communicate with HAProxy.  This can  be  configured  in
       the  HAProxy  configuration  using  the  "stats  socket" option.  To enable all of HATop's
       features the "level" parameter of this option should be set to "admin".


              show version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show help message and exit

       -s SOCKET, --unix-socket=SOCKET
              path to the haproxy stats socket

       -i INTERVAL, --update-interval=INTERVAL
              update interval in seconds (1-30, default: 3)

       -m MODE, --mode=MODE
              start in specific mode (1-5, default: 1)

       -n, --read-only
              disable the cli and query for stats only

       The following filter options may be given multiple times:

       -f FILTER, --filter=FILTER
              stat filter in format "<iid> <type> <sid>"

       -p PROXY, --proxy=PROXY
              proxy filter in format "<pxname>"


       Hh?    Display help screen

       Qq     Quit

       TAB    Cycle mode forwards

       S-TAB  Cycle mode backwards

       ESC-n  Switch to mode n, where n is the numeric mode id

       ESC    Jump to previous mode

       ENTER  Display hotkey menu for selected service

       SPACE  Copy and paste selected service identifier to the CLI

              Scroll the stat views to select a given service


       F4     Restore initial server weight

       F5     Decrease server weight:     - 10

       F6     Decrease server weight:     -  1

       F7     Increase server weight:     +  1

       F8     Increase server weight:     + 10

       F9     Enable server (return from maintenance mode)

       F10    Disable server (put into maintenance mode)



       A much better documentation can be found online:


       HATop and this man page was written by John Feuerstein.

                                          19 August 2010                                 HATOP(1)