Provided by: hxtools_20180301-1_amd64 bug


       hcdplay — Control autonomous CDDA playback using Linux CDROM ioctls


       hcdplay [-EPRSTs] [-D device] [-p first-track [last-track]]


       CD-DA  discs  in  CD-ROM  drives  can either be played back using Digital Audio Extraction
       (DAE) where software requests sector  by  sector,  or  by  using  the  drive's  autonomous
       playback  functions,  whereby the drive's firmware will do the sector reading. Software is
       only required for a few control codes to initiate or terminate  playback.  (If  the  drive
       possesses  extra  buttons besides the eject function, such as the Sony CDU5221, Autonomous
       Playback can even be controlled using that method as well.)

       With this autonomous play mode, the  drive  can/will  output  sound  using  a  variety  of
       methods. Common ones are a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 4-pin Analog Audio connector that is
       supposed to be connected  a  soundcard.  These  are  often  lacking  nowadays,  especially
       external  drives,  slimline  drives,  and  even internal 5.25" SATA drives. As such, these
       drives often do  not  even  implement  the  Autonomous  Playback  functions  anymore  (the
       particular ATA commands are ignored).


       -D, --device device
              The path to the CD-ROM device node. Defaults to /dev/sr0.

       -E, --eject
              Request that the drive be ejected.

       -P, --pause
              Pause  playback.  This  can  only  be  issued if the CD-ROM drive is in the Playing

       -R, --resume
              Resume playback. This can only be issued if the  CD-ROM  drive  is  in  the  Paused

       -S, --stop
              Stop playback.

       -T, --toc
              Print part of the disc's table of contents (TOC).

       -p, --play [first-track [last-track]]
              Start  playback  of  first-track  and  play  until last-track. If no first track is
              specified, starts from 1. If no last track is specified, it will play until the end
              of the disc.

       -s, --start
              Start playback.