Provided by: minidisc-utils_0.9.16-2_amd64 bug


       himdcli - Command line interface for accessing HiMD Walkman


       himdcli <HiMD path> <command>


       himdcli  is  a  command  line  interface  for  accessing HiMD Walkman. It uses the libhimd
       library to read and write audio tracks  from  a  HiMD  filesystem  which  can  be  mounted
       directly  from  a  physical HiMD Walkman or a previously created image file of a HiMD. The
       mount point of the HiMD filesystem must be provided as an  argument  to  himdcli  together
       with the command to be performed.

       Currently  libhimd and therefore himdcli implements full read access for PCM, ATRAC-3+ and
       MP3 tracks as well as experimental write support for MP3 tracks (MP3 playback is supported
       by  second  and  third  generation  of HiMD Walkman only). Non-MP3 tracks are protected by
       Sony's DRM software stack OpenMG, which require a sophisticated calculation  of  keys  and
       access control lists. Writing of non-MP3 tracks is therefore currently not yet supported.

       In  addition  to  transfer  capabilities,  himdcli  provides  some  commands for debugging
       purposes. These include strings to display all  strings  found  in  the  track  list  file
       (TRKIDX##.HMA),   tracks   and  tracks  verbose  to  display  (detailed  technical)  track
       information, discid to display the disc  id  (comparable  to  the  filesystem  ID  of  FAT
       formatted  volumes)  which  is  used  by  the OpenMG encryption, mp3key to display the MP3
       encryption key for a given MP3 track on disc as well as holes to display the  holes  in  a
       non-contiguous  ATDATA##.HMA  file (a container file where all tracks are stored on a HiMD


       himdcli currently accepts the following commands:

       help   Show command overview list.  strings Dumps all strings found in the tracklist file.

       tracks Lists all tracks on disc.

       tracks verbose
              Lists details of all tracks on disc.

       discid Reads the disc id of the inserted medium.

       holes  Lists all holes on disc.

       mp3key <TRK>
              Shows the MP3 encryption key for track #<TRK>.

       dumptrack <TRK>
              Dumps track #<TRK>.

       dumpmp3 <TRK>
              Dumps MP3 track #<TRK>.

       dumpnonmp3 <TRK>
              Dumps non-MP3 track #<TRK>.

       writemp3 <FILE>
              Writes the MP3 file <FILE> to disc.

       When  invoked  without  any  arguments,  himdcli  outputs  a  short  message  with   usage


       netmdcli(1), qhimdtransfer(1)


       The linux-minidisc project - <>.

       This manual page was written by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>.

                                        November 23, 2012                              HIMDCLI(1)