Provided by: horizon-eda_0.20181108-1_amd64 bug


       horizon-imp - horizon EDA interactive manipulator


       horizon-imp  -y <symbol file> | -c <schematic file> <block file> | -a <padstack file> | -k
       <package file> | -b <board file> <block file> <via directory>


       This manual page documents the horizon-imp command.

       horizon-imp is the 'interactive manipulator' and can be  run  in  one  of  5  modes,  each
       operating on a different type of item: symbol, schematic, padstack, package or board.


       Details of options are included below.

       -y <symbol file>
              Run in Symbol mode:

       -c <schematic file> <block file>
              Run in Schematic mode

       -a <padstack file>
              Run in Padstack mode

       -k <package file>
              Run in Package mode

       -b <board file <block file> <via directory>
              Run in Board mode


       There  is  normally  little reason to run this command directly.  Normally horizon-prj-mgr
       and horizon-pool-mgr are used. But it remains useful for debugging.


       This command requires the  environment  variable  HORIZON_POOL  to  point  to  the  pool's
       directory (the one with the pool.json and pool.db in it)

                                            2018.03.31                             HORIZON-IMP(1)