Provided by: libhtml-copy-perl_1.31-1_all bug


       htmlcopy -- Copy a HTML file without breaking links.


        htmlcopy [OPTION] {SOURCE | -} [DESTINATION]


       htmlcopy a source HTML file into DESTINATION. If the HTML file have links to images, other
       HTML files, javascripts and cascading style sheets, htmlcopy changing link path in the
       HTML file to keep the link destination.

       When DESTINATION is omitted, the modified HTML is written in the standard output. Also it
       is assumed that output location is the current working directory.

       SOURCE and DESTINATION should be cleanuped pathes. For example, a verbose path like
       '/aa/bb/../cc' may cause converting links wrongly. This is a limitaion of the URI module's
       rel method. To cleanup pathes, Cwd::realpath is useful.


       -h, --help
           Print a brief help message and exits.

       -m, --man
           Prints the manual page and exits.


       Tetsuro KURITA <>