Provided by: hugin-tools_2018.0.0+dfsg-3build1_amd64 bug


       hugin_lensdb - Tool for lens database maintenance


       hugin_lensdb [--recursive] --populate BASEPATH
           Populate database with information from all pto files in given BASEPATH.  With the
           --recursive switch all subfolders/directories will also be searched.

       hugin_lensdb --compress
           Compresses the database by replacing single values with averaged values.

       hugin_lensdb --remove-lens=LENS
           Removes given lens from the database.

       hugin_lensdb --remove-camera=MAKER|MODEL
           Removes given camera from the database.

       hugin_lensdb --export-database=FILENAME
           Export data from database to external file.

       hugin_lensdb --import-from-file=FILENAME
           Import data from external file.

       -h  Shows help.

       Thomas Modes


"Version: 2018.0.0"                         2018-11-24                            HUGIN_LENSDB(1)