Provided by: qdbm-util_1.8.78-9build1_amd64 bug


       hvtest - test cases for QDBM Hovel


       hvtest write [-qdbm] [-s] name rnum
       hvtest read [-qdbm] name rnum


       The  command  `hvtest'  is  a  utility  for  facility  test and performance test.  Check a
       database generated by the command or measure the execution  time  of  the  command.   This
       command  is  used  in  the  following  format.   `name'  specifies a database name. `rnum'
       specifies the number of records.

       hvtest write [-qdbm] [-s] name rnum
              Store records with keys of 8 bytes. They changes as `00000001', `00000002'...

       hvtest read [-qdbm] name rnum
              Retrieve records of the database above.

       Options feature the following.

              -qdbm : use `gdbm_open2' and open the handle as Curia.
              -s : make the file sparse.

       This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.


       qdbm(3), hovel(3)


       QDBM was written by Mikio Hirabayashi <>.