Provided by: html-xml-utils_7.7-1_amd64 bug


       hxtabletrans - transpose an HTML or XHTML table


       hxtabletrans [ -c ] [ -x ] [ -v ] [ file-or-URL ]


       hxtabletrans  reads  an  HTML or XHTML file (or fragment), finds the first <table> element
       and outputs that element with the rows and columns transposed. I.e., rows  become  columns
       and columns become rows.

       Any  grouping of rows with <thead>, <tbody> or <tfoot> is lost. Also, any comments outside
       the cells are lost.


       The following options are supported:

       -c        Also try to transpose the  contents  of  cells.  If  a  cell  consists  only  of
                 horizontal  or vertical arrows and ellipses (apart from mark-up and whitespace),
                 then those arrows and ellipses are replaced by  their  transposed  counterparts.
                 E.g., a right arrow becomes a down arrow.

       -x        Use  XML  syntax.  Empty elements are written with a slash (/) at the end, e.g.:

       -v        Print the version number and exit.


       hxtabletrans should check for rows that have fewer cells than the longest row (taking into
       account  the  effect  of the colspan and rowspan attributes) and create the omitted cells,
       but it currently doesn't. Tables with rows of unequal length may thus  not  be  transposed

       Nested tables are not transposed.