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       hyphen_show - a program to look for hyphenations in a .dvi-file created by TeX/LaTeX


       hyphen_show  [ -c fontencoding ]  texfilename[.dvi]  [ file_checked_hyphenations ]


       hyphen_show  is  a program (written in C language) which looks for hyphenations in a .dvi-
       file created by TeX/LaTeX.

       As there is no line structure in the .dvi-file, line  breakings  must  be  concluded  from
       horizontal  and  vertical gaps.  There are constructs, where hyphenations cannot be found,
       and there are  constructs,  where  we  cannot  extract  correctly  both  fragments  of  an
       hyphenated  word  (especially  at  end  of  page, because of following footers, footnotes,
       running title etc.)

       On standard output you will find a list of hyphenations found  together with page numbers,
       both  extracted  from  texfilename.dvi.   In  file  texfilename.hyp  the  user  will  find
       hyphenations only.

       Each hyphenation is included only at it's first occurence and only  if  it's  not  already
       found in file file_checked_hyphenations (if such a second file is specified at hyphen_show

       Files texfilename.hyp and file_checked_hyphenations have the same structure and are simple
       text  files, so the user can easily edit each of these files (especially delete lines with
       incorrect hyphenations) and append file texfilename.hyp to file  file_checked_hyphenations
       e.g. by using cat command.

       Program  hyphen_show  can  be  called  as  stand-alone  program  as  described  ahead; yet
       originally hyphen_show was  written  for  use  with  xtem_TeXMenu,  where  it  is  started
       automatically  (depending  on  the  user's settings) after each TeX run or where it can be
       started explicitely as an xtem utility program.


       For the implementator a README is included in the package.


       -c fontencoding
                 specifies     the     font     encoding     which     is     used     in     TeX
                 (\usepackage[fontencoding]{fontenc}).    At   the   moment  the  following  font
                 encodings are available: T1 and OT1, i.e. fontencoding  may  get  one  of  these
                 values:  T1  or  OT1.  The default value is set to T1, yet can be adapted by the
                 local implementation.


                 this file is scanned for hyphenations (must exist).

                 if specified, this file will be scanned for correct (`checked') hyphenations.

                 all   hyphenations   found   in   texfilename.dvi   and    not    included    in
                 file_checked_hyphenations  up  to  now  will  be written into this file (will be


       hyphen_show.c may be copied by anonymous ftp from


       Guenther Lamprecht, Wolfhard Lotz, Roland Weibezahn