Provided by: ibid_0.1.1+dfsg-4build1_all bug


       ibid-plugin - Plugin testing developer environment for Ibid


       ibid-plugin [options...]  [plugin[-]|plugin.Processor[-]...]


       This  utility  is  for  testing Ibid plugins without the full bot environment.  This means
       testing can be performed offline and without loading all the available plugins.

       This should be run in a configured Ibid bot directory.

       All the listed plugins and Processors will be loaded on start-up.  Naming a  plugin  loads
       the  complete plugin.  Suffixing a - to the name, ignores that plugin or Processor instead
       of loading it.


       -c, --configured
              Load all configured plugins, instead of only the core and requested plugins.

       -o, --only
              Don't load the Ibid core plugins, only the plugins requested.   Note  that  without
              the  core plugin to pre- and post-process events, most other plugins won't function

       -p, --public
              By default, ibid-plugin emulates a private conversation with the  bot.   With  this
              option,  the  conversation  is  considered to be public and the bot will have to be
              addressed to provoke a response.

       -v, --verbose
              Increase verbosity.  The final form of each Event object will be  displayed  before
              any responses.

       -h, --help
              Show a help message and exit.


              Locates  the  database to act upon by looking for the [databases].ibid value in the
              bot configuration file in the current directory.


       ibid-plugin doesn't emulate a complete Ibid  environment,  and  will  ignore  all  of  the

       *      Delayed and periodically executed functions.

       *      Messages to alternate sources.

       *      Messages directly dispatched, rather than added to responses.

       *      Permissions.  All permissions are granted to the user.


       ibid(1), ibid.ini(5), ibid-setup(1),