Provided by: icecast2_2.4.4-1_amd64 bug


       icecast2 - an MP3/Ogg Vorbis broadcast streaming media server


       icecast2 -c config.xml


       icecast2  is  an  audio broadcasting system that streams music in Ogg Vorbis and/or MPEG 1
       Layer III format.  It accepts  stream  input  from  sources  like  ices0  and  ices2,  and
       broadcasts to clients like xmms.


       icecast2  has  no  command  line  options,  except  to  specify  the  location  of  an XML
       configuration file.  All operational aspects of the software are controlled  by  this  XML
       configuration file.


       The  example  configuration  files,  provided  with the package documentation are the only
       reliable source  of  information  on  this  software.   It  is  still  under  very  active
       development; documentation will be written when it is possible to do so.


       icecast2 was created by the icecast team <>.  This manual page was written
       by Keegan Quinn <>.

                                          July 28, 2003                               ICECAST2(1)