Provided by: ikvm_8.1.5717.0+ds-1_all bug


       ikvmstub - generate java stub class files from a CIL assembly


       ikvmstub assembly | path


       IKVM  is an implentation of the Java for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) runtime.
       It includes a byte code JIT compiler/verifier to translate Java byte code to CIL  and  GNU
       Classpath  to  provide  the Java class libraries.  ikvmsub generates a jar file containing
       stub class files from a CIL assembly  enabling  Java  code  to  be  compiled  against  the
       assembly.   When these stub classes are used with ikvm(1), the references to the stubs are
       replaced with references to the real CIL references.

       Assemblies are first searched for in the default load context, usually the Global Assembly
       Cache  (GAC).   If  the  assembly  is  not  found there, it is searched in the path or the
       current directory if no path is given.




       ikvm(1), ikvmc(1).

       IKVM Project web site⟩

       Man page by Dave Beckett, made available under the same terms as IKVM.

                                            2005-06-19                                    ikvm(1)