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Graphical index of GRASS GIS modules

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   Imagery modules:
           ·   i.albedo Computes broad band albedo from surface reflectance.

           ·   i.aster.toar  Calculates   Top   of   Atmosphere   Radiance/Reflectance/Brightness
               Temperature from ASTER DN.

           ·   i.atcorr Performs atmospheric correction using the 6S algorithm.

           ·   i.biomass Computes biomass growth, precursor of crop yield calculation.

           ·   i.cca Canonical components analysis (CCA) program for image processing.

           ·   i.cluster  Generates  spectral signatures for land cover types in an image using a
               clustering algorithm.

           ·   i.colors.enhance Performs auto-balancing of colors for RGB images.

           ·   i.eb.eta Actual evapotranspiration for diurnal period (Bastiaanssen, 1995).

           ·   i.eb.evapfr Computes evaporative fraction and root zone soil moisture.

           ·   i.eb.hsebal01 Computes sensible heat flux iteration SEBAL 01.

           ·   i.eb.netrad Net radiation approximation (Bastiaanssen, 1995).

           ·   i.eb.soilheatflux Soil heat flux approximation (Bastiaanssen, 1995).

           ·   i.emissivity Computes emissivity from NDVI, generic method for sparse land.

           · Computes evapotranspiration calculation modified or original Hargreaves
               formulation, 2001.

           ·   Computes   potential   evapotranspiration   calculation  with  hourly

           ·  Computes   evapotranspiration   calculation   Priestley   and   Taylor
               formulation, 1972.

           ·   i.evapo.time  Computes temporal integration of satellite ET actual (ETa) following
               the daily ET reference (ETo) from meteorological station(s).

           ·   i.fft Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for image processing.

           ·   i.gensig Generates statistics for i.maxlik from raster map.

           ·   i.gensigset Generates statistics for i.smap from raster map.

           · Creates, edits, and lists groups of imagery data.

           ·   i.his.rgb Transforms raster maps from HIS (Hue-Intensity-Saturation)  color  space
               to RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color space.

           ·   i.ifft Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) for image processing.

           ·   i.image.mosaic Mosaics several images and extends colormap.

           · Imports SPOT VGT NDVI data into a raster map.

           ·   i.landsat.acca Performs Landsat TM/ETM+ Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment (ACCA).

           ·   i.landsat.toar   Calculates   top-of-atmosphere   radiance   or   reflectance  and
               temperature for Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+/OLI

           ·   i.maxlik Classifies the cell spectral reflectances in imagery data.

           ·   i.modis.qc Extracts quality control parameters from MODIS QC layers.

           ·   i.oif Calculates Optimum-Index-Factor table for spectral bands

           · Select and modify the imagery group camera reference file.

           ·   i.ortho.elev Select or modify the target elevation model.

           ·   i.ortho.init Interactively  creates  or  modifies  entries  in  a  camera  initial
               exposure station file for imagery group referenced by a sub-block.

           · Menu driver for the photo imagery programs.

           ·   i.ortho.rectify  Orthorectifies  an  image  by using the image to photo coordinate
               transformation matrix.

           · Select or modify the imagery group target.

           ·   i.ortho.transform Computes  a  coordinate  transformation  based  on  the  control

           ·   i.pansharpen  Image  fusion  algorithms  to  sharpen  multispectral  with high-res
               panchromatic channels

           ·   i.pca Principal components analysis (PCA) for image processing.

           ·   i.rectify Rectifies an image by computing a  coordinate  transformation  for  each
               pixel in the image based on the control points.

           ·   i.rgb.his  Transforms  raster  maps  from  RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color space to HIS
               (Hue-Intensity-Saturation) color space.

           ·   i.segment Identifies segments (objects) from imagery data.

           ·   i.smap  Performs  contextual  image  classification  using  sequential  maximum  a
               posteriori (SMAP) estimation.

           ·   i.spectral  Displays  spectral  response  at  user specified locations in group or

           · Targets an imagery group to a GRASS location and mapset.

           ·   i.tasscap Performs Tasseled Cap (Kauth Thomas) transformation.

           ·   i.topo.corr Computes topographic correction of reflectance.

           · Calculates different types of vegetation indices.

           ·   i.zc Zero-crossing "edge detection" raster function for image processing.

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