Provided by: mame-tools_0.206+dfsg.1-1_amd64 bug


       imgtool - MESS media image manipulation tool


       imgtool create format image [option ...]
       imgtool dir format image [path]
       imgtool get format image file [newname] [--filter=filter] [--fork=fork]
       imgtool put format image file ...  [newname] [option ...]  [--filter=filter] [--fork=fork]
       imgtool getall format image [path] [--filter=filter]
       imgtool del format image file ...
       imgtool mkdir format image directory
       imgtool rmdir format image directory ...
       imgtool readsector|writesector format image track head sector file
       imgtool identify image
       imgtool listformats|listfilters
       imgtool listdriveroptions format


       imgtool  is  a tool for the maintenance and manipulation of disk and other types of images
       that MESS users need to deal with. Functions include retrieving and storing files and  CRC
       checking and validation.  Image files can also be within .zip files.


       create Creates  and  image.  Optional,  image-specific  parameters  can  be specified, see
              imgtool listdriveroptions command for a full list.

       dir    Lists the contents of an image.

       get    Gets a single file from an image. A filter can be specified to convert custom  file
              formats  to  ASCII,  see  imgtool  listfilters  command  for  a full list. File can
              optionally be renamed.

       put    Puts file(s) on an image (wildcards and rename supported).  Filters are supplied to
              convert  ASCII  files to custom file formats, see imgtool listfilters command for a
              full list.

       getall Gets all files off an image. Filters  can  be  specified  to  convert  custom  file
              formats to ASCII, see imgtool listfilters command for a full list.

       del    Deletes a file on an image.

       mkdir  Create a directory on an image.

       rmdir  Delete directories on an image.

              Extract content of a single sector from an image to a file.

              Write file content to a specific sector on an image.

              Try to recognize the format of an image file.

              Lists all image file formats supported by imgtool.

              Lists  all  filters supported by imgtool.  Filters are a mean to process data being
              written into or read out of an image in a certain way.

              Lists all format-specific options for imgtool put and imgtool create commands.


       imgtool dir coco_jvc_rsdos

       imgtool get coco_jvc_rsdos myimage.dsk myfile.bin mynewfile.txt

       imgtool getall coco_jvc_rsdos myimage.dsk


       mess (6)