Provided by: im_153-3_all bug


       imls - list up the contents of the folder


       imls [OPTIONS] [FOLDER] [RANGE]


       The imls command produces a one line per message listing of the specified folder or
       mail/news messages.

       This command is provided by IM (Internet Message).


       -s, --src=FOLDER,FOLDER...
            Folder name.  Default value is "+inbox".  "--src=+xxx" is equivalent to "+xxx".

       -f, --form=STRING
            Scan format.  Default value is "%+5n %m%d %-14A %S || %b".

       -b, --buffer={on,off}
            Make output data buffered.

       -j, --jissafe={on,off}
            Safe manner for JIS.  Default value is "on".

       -w, --width=NUM
            Width of result for scan listings.  Default value is 80.

       -t, --thread={on,off}
            Make threads.

       -i, --indent=NUM
            Width of thread indent.  Default value is 2.

       -g, --grep=STRING
            Grep pattern for vscan.

       -n, --namazu={on,off}
            Use namazu for vscan.

       -c, --casefold={on,off}
            Case sensitivity.  Default value is "on".  (This option affects both fieldname and

       -d, --delimiter=STRING
            Mail header delimiter.  Default value is "\n\n|\n----\n".

       -D, --dupchecktarget=STRING
            Duplicate check target ('none', 'message-id', or 'message-id+subject').  Default
            value is "message-id".

       -x, --mimedecodequoted={on,off}
            Decode broken mime-encoded strings.

       -S, --sshserver=SERVER
            SSH port relay server.

       -q, --quiet={on,off}
            Do not show any messages.

       -v, --verbose={on,off}
            Print verbose messages when running.

            Print debug messages when running.

       -h, --help
            Display help message and exit.

            Output version information and exit.


       IM (Internet Message) is copyrighted by IM developing team.  You can redistribute it
       and/or modify it under the modified BSD license.  See the copyright file for more details.