Provided by: wcstools_3.9.5-3_amd64 bug


       imsize - Print size of image in WCS and pixels


       imsize [-vcd] [-p scale] [-b ra dec] [-j ra dec] FITS or IRAF file(s)


       imsize is a utility for printing the region covered by an image using the world coordinate
       system parameters in IRAF and FITS image headers. It converts IRAF .imh image headers to a
       FITS  format  before extracting the information.  For IRAF files, the image dimensions and
       the object name are set from the binary portion of the header.


       -b [<RA> <Dec>]
              Output B1950 (B1950) coordinates (optional center)

       -c     Format output without pixel dimensions (optional size change)

       -d     Format output as input to DSS getimage (optional size change)

       -e     Add epoch of image to output line

       -j [<RA> <Dec>]
              Output J2000 (J2000) coordinates (optional center)

       -n <number>
              Number of decimal places in output (default 3)

       -p <scale>
              Initial plate scale in arcsec per pixel (default 0)

       -r     Print range in RA and Dec

       -v     Print more intermediate information for debugging

       -z     Use AIPS classic projections instead of WCSLIB


       Jessica Mink, SAO (