Provided by: wcstools_3.9.5-3_amd64 bug


       imusa2 - Find USNO-SA2.0 stars in FITS or IRAF image files


       imua2 [options] FITS or IRAF file(s)


       Search  USNO-SA2.0  Catalog within the area described by the world coordinate system in an
       image header.  This is a link to imcat rather than a separate executable.


       -b [<RA> <Dec>]
              Output in B1950, optional new image center in B1950 (FK4) RA and Dec

       -h     Print heading, else do not

       -j [<RA> <Dec>]
              Output in J2000, optional new image center in J2000 (FK5) RA and Dec

       -m [<bright magnitude>] <faint magnitude>
              Limiting catalog magnitude(s) (default none, bright -2 if only faint is given)

       -n <num>
              Number of brightest stars to print

       -p <scale>
              Initial plate scale in arcsec per pixel (default 0)

       -s     Sort by RA instead of flux

       -t     Tab table to standard output as well as file

       -u     USNO catalog single plate number to accept

       -v     Verbose listing of processing intermediate results

       -w     Write tab table output file -z Use AIPS classic  projections  instead
              of WCSLIB; use CD matrix or CDELT instead of polynomial solution.

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