Provided by: infinoted_0.7.1-1_amd64 bug


       infinoted - dedicated server for the infinote protocol (e.g. Gobby)


       infinoted-0.7 [options]


       infinoted  is  a  dedicated  server  which allows clients to edit plain text documents and
       source files collaboratively over a network. Changes to  the  documents  are  synchronized
       instantly to the other clients.

       This server supports the infinote protocol as implemented by libinfinity.  Example clients
       include Gobby 0.5.x, Kobby and a special plugin for gedit.  It is not  compatible  to  the
       older libobby protocol.

       It comes with a list of plugins like autosave, dbus integration and others. For a complete
       list see  The  default  plugin  is
       note-text.   It  needs  to  be  added  along with any other plugins that one might want to


   Help Options:
       -h, --help
              Show help options

   Application Options:
       -c, --config-file=CONFIG-FILE
              Load the given configuration file instead of looking at the standard locations.

       -k, --key-file=KEY-FILE
              The server's private key

       -c, --certificate-file=CERTIFICATE-FILE
              The server's certificate

              The certificate chain to the root certificate, if not included in the file given in

              Creates a new random private key

              Creates a new self-signed certificate using the given key

       -p, --port-number=PORT
              The port number to listen on

              The IP address to listen on

              How to decide whether to use TLS

       -r, --root-directory=DIRECTORY
              A  directory  to  save the document tree into in infinoted-xml format.  This is the
              location where the tree is kept persistently so that it is  available  again  after
              server restart. Usually, documents are saved in this tree 60 seconds after the last
              user left the session. In addition to this, when the autosave plugin is enabled, it
              is  possible  to save sessions into the tree periodically. The default directory is

              Additional plugin to load.  Repeat  the  option  on  the  command-line  to  specify
              multiple  plugins  and semi-colons in the configuration file. Plugin options can be
              configured in the configuration file (one section for each  plugin),  or  with  the
              --plugin-parameter option.

              Sets  the option KEY for plugin PLUGIN to the given VALUE. Normally, plugin options
              are specified in the configuration file, but this command line option allows one to
              set or override plugin options on the command line.

       -P, --password=PASSWORD
              Require given password on connections

              Authenticate clients against given pam service on connection

              Users   allowed   to  connect  after  pam  authentication.  Separate  entries  with

              Group  allowed  to  connect  after  pam  authentication.  Separate   entries   with

       -d, --daemonize
              Daemonize the server

       -D, --kill-daemon
              Kill a running daemon

       -v, --version
              Display version information and exit


       infinoted and libinfinity were written by Armin Burgmeier <>