Provided by: freeipa-server_4.7.1-3_amd64 bug


       ipa-winsync-migrate  -  Seamless  migration  of  AD  users created by winsync to native AD




       Migrates AD users created by winsync agreement to ID overrides in the Default Trust  View,
       thus preserving the actual POSIX attributes already established.

       Prior  to  the  actual  migration,  the  winsync  replication agreement will be removed to
       protect the removal of the user accounts on the Active Directory side.

       During the migration, group, assigned roles, HBAC rules and  SELinux  memberships  of  the
       synced  users  will  be  preserved.  Any local copies (created by winsync) of the migrated
       users will be removed.


       After the migration, any PassSync agreements need to  be  removed  from  Active  Directory
       Domain  Controllers, otherwise they might attempt to update passwords for accounts that no
       longer exist on the IPA server.


              The Active Directory realm the winsynced users belong to.

              The  hostname  of  Active  Directory  Domain  Controller  the  winsync  replication
              agreement is established with.

              Never prompts for user input.