Provided by: ipip_1.1.9build1_amd64 bug


       ipip - an IP over IP encapsulation daemon




       This  is  a  user-space  daemon  that  supports encapsulation of IP over IP.  Modern Linux
       kernels provide this ability in the kernel, but  consume  an  interface  per  encapsulated
       link.   This  can  be  impractical  for  virtual  networks  built  up of a large number of
       encapsulated links, such as is the case with the amateur radio net-44 network.   The  ipip
       daemon is often a better solution for these environments.

       There  is  very little documentation on the daemon at this time.  Look for the README file
       in /usr/doc/ipip, and the example config files also in that tree.


       This package was originally written by Mike Westerhof for SunOS.  Bdale Garbee  ported  it
       to  HP-UX  and  BSD/OS.   Ron Atkinson and John Paul Morrison then provided the tweaks for

       The package is currently once again being maintained by Bdale Garbee,  both  as  "upstream
       maintainer" and as maintainer of the Debian GNU/Linux ipip package.