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       ircmarkers - place markers on maps at given coordinates


       ircmarkers [-q] [-o command] [-y south/north -x west/east] config [inputmap outputmap]


       IrcMarkers takes a map in .png or .jpg format and a list of coordinates and labels in
       xplanet format and places markers on the map.  It was written to generate user maps of IRC

       GnuPG/PGP key ids can be associated with each marker, to create "maps of trust".

       IrcMarkers reads its configuration and the list of markers from a config file.  The most
       important options (map to read/write, map dimensions) can be specified on the command
       line. Settings on the command line override settings in the config file.


           Config file to read markers and options from. This parameter is mandatory.

           Read input map from inputmap. Supported formats are .gif, .jpg/jpeg, .png, .xbm, .xpm,
           and the libgd-Formats .gd/gd1 and .gd2.

           Write output map to outputmap. Supported formats are .gif, .jpg/jpeg, .png, .gd/gd1,
           .gd2, and .wbmp.

       -q  Be quiet. Per default, IrcMarkers prints which labels and links are placed on the map.

       -y south/north
       -x west/east
           Declare input map dimensions. Unless specified otherwise in the config file, the map
           is assumed to be in equirectangular projection. -y specifies the lower/upper latitude
           coordinates, -x the left/right edge longitude. Per default, the map is assumed to be a
           world map (-y -90/90 -x -180/180).

       -o command
           Evaluate a configuration command. It will be executed before any commands in the
           config file (i.e. it will not override commands there).


       The following directives can be used in the config file:

   Marker and Label Definitions
       lat lon "marker"
       lat lon "marker" options
       aa11aa "marker" options
       "marker" options
           Place marker with label marker on map at given coordinates.  Use negative values for
           south/east, positive for north/west.  This (decimal) format is compatible with the
           xplanet syntax.

            49.2532 7.0425 "Myon"

           Alternative formats recognized are:

            N51X11.123 E006X25.846
            N 51 11.123 E 006 25.846
            N 51X 11' 7.38" E 006X 25' 50.76"

           The noise characters X'" are optional.

           Also recognized are Maidenhead (QTH) locators.

            JN39PF "Myon"

       label y x "text"
       label y x "text" options
           Place a label at position y/x (in pixels). Useful for headlines etc.  Using negative
           values will count from the bottom/right border in X11's -geometry style.

   Marker and Label Options
       The following options can be specified per marker or globally (except gpg).  Global
       options set defaults for all following marker definitions.

       gpg keyid
           Associate GnuPG/PGP keyid with the marker. If two keys have signed each other, and
           both markers are visible on the map, a link will be drawn between the markers.
           Multiple keyids can be given. Example:

           "Myon" gpg B46B923B6D8ABE71 gpg C5AF774A58510B5A

           Note: This is the long, 16 character keyid. To retrieve it, use "gpg --list-key

       label_color R G B
       label_border R G B|none
           Color of the labels placed on the map. Default is label_color 255 255 0, label_border
           0 0 0. The border can be removed by specifying the "none" color.

       font fontfile
           Full pathname to the .ttf font used for the labels. Default is font

       fontsize|ptsize size
           Size in points of the labels. Default is fontsize 6.

       dot_color R G B
       dot_border R G B|none
           Color of the dots placed on the map. Default is dot_color 255 255 255, dot_border 0 0

       dot_size size
           Size of the dots. Default is 2.

       dot_shape dot|circle
           Dots are filled (dot) or hollow (circle). Default is dot.

       href link
           Link target to use in an imagemap.

       alias|pic|bigpic|sex string
           Options for export to pisg(1), see the pisg option below.

   Link Definition and Options
       "marker1" <-> "marker2"
       "marker1" <-> "marker2" options
           Draw a link between marker1 and marker2.

       link_color|sign2_color R G B|none
           Color of the lines drawn between the markers. Default is link_color 255 128 0.

   Global Options
       read inputmap
           Read input map from inputmap. Supported formats are .jpg and .png.

       write outputmap
           Write output map to outputmap. Supported formats are .jpg, .png, .gd1, .gd2, and

       lat|south_north south/north
       lon|west_east west/east
           Declare input map dimensions. Default is lat -90/90, lon -180/180.

           Note: It is possible to use "unusual" values like lon 0/360 if you adjust the
           coordinates as well. (-20 becomes 340 etc.)

       view_lat|view_south_north south/north
       view_lon|view_west_east west/east
           Only show part of the map in the output. Default is to show the whole map.

       view_width pixels
       view_height pixels
           Size of output map. Default is input map, or size of part selected.

       projection square|mercator|sinusoidal
       center_lon center
           Map projection. Default is square, which selects equirectangular projection.
           center_lon is only used for sinusoidal projection.  There is no default for

       link_outside on|off
           Whether to draw lines to markers that are not visible on the map. Default is
           link_outside off.

       sign1_color R G B|none
           Color of the lines drawn for uni-directional GnuPG/PGP signatures. Default is
           link_color none.

       imagemap file
           Write HTML image map to file. The map contains areas for all markers and labels with a
           href option. The name of the imagemap is the basename of the output map with the
           extension stripped.

       overlap overlapcorrector
           Full pathname to the binary that moves the labels around to reduce overlap.  Default
           is overlapcorrector /usr/lib/ircmarkers/overlap.  Chances are that you only need to
           change that parameter if you are debugging the overlap corrector.

       overlap_correction on|off
           Whether to use the overlap corrector or not. Default is overlap_correction on.  Turn
           it off if you have really many labels.

           Instead of writing a map, print a config file suitable for pisg(1), most useful with
           ircmarkers -o pisg file. The exported marker options are alias, pic, bigpic, sex, and
           href (the latter as link).

           Call gpg --recv-keys (most useful with ircmarkers -o recv-keys).

       quiet on|off
           Be quiet. Default is quiet off.

       #include "configfile"
           Read auxillary config file.

       # comment
           Anything else starting with a # character is a comment.


       ircmarkers -x -10.4/29.4 -y 32/72 coordinates.txt europe.jpg mutt-eu.jpg

               read dl.jpg
               lat 44/56
               lon 4/20
               label_color 0 255 0
               49.2532 7.0425 "Myon"
               50.8574 6.4585 "formorer" label_color 255 255 0
               N 51X 11.123 E 006X 25.846 "GC1ACE3"
               #include ""
               #include ""


       The GD library keeps a raw bitmap of the map in memory. Big maps will use lots of memory.
       Precompute the map you are going to use, i.e. downsample it to the target size using
       Imagemagick's convert or IrcMarkers view_* functions.

       Please report bugs in IrcMarkers using the Debian bug tracking system. The IrcMarkers bug
       page is at


   Library used
       ·   GD(3) - GD version 2

   Programs related to IrcMarkers
       ·   MapMarkers: - IrcMarkers' predecessor

       ·   xplanet(1):

       ·   Image::WorldMap:

       ·   pisg(1):

   Locating coordinates
       · - online maps to everywhere

       · - directory of cities and towns in world

       · - United States

       · - more pointers

       · - nice copyright-free world map

       · - compilation of suitable maps from NASA


       IrcMarkers was written by Christoph Berg <>.  You can find me (Myon) on

       Thanks go to Uli Martens for the "map of trust" idea.

       Alexander Wirt suggested the capability to draw selected parts of the map.

       Elmar Hoffmann suggested several error checks and config options.

       Rico Gloeckner suggested to support Maidenhead locators.

       The IrcMarkers homepage is at


       Copyright (C) 2003-2014 Christoph Berg <>

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
       version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

       This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
       without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
       See the GNU General Public License for more details.

       You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License with the Debian
       GNU/Linux distribution in file /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL; if not, write to the Free
       Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301 USA

       IrcMarkers is an improved version of MapMarkers.

       Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Guillaume Leclanche (Mo-Ize) <>

       The font provided with this package, fixed_01.ttf, has been created by the Orgdot team,

       (C) 2001