Provided by: lirc_0.10.1-5.2_amd64 bug


       irtestcase - Create or check decoding testcases.


       irtestcase [-l lircrc-file -p prog] <socket>

       irtestcase [-l lircrc-file -p prog] -t testdata <socket>

       irtestcase [-v|-h]


       irtestcase  is  a tool which can record keypresses from a remote together with the decoded
       values. Given output from another session, it can also  verify  that  the  decoding  still
       works as expected.

       In the first form irtestcase will wait for input and create log files for it. Doing so, it
       also echoes received buttons on stdout. There is no way to stop the  program  in  a  clean
       way, just use ctrl-C when completed.

       In  the  second form it will feed the data from the testdata file to lircd and log the the
       decoded data as usually. Thus, this makes it possible to test the output from  the  remote
       which generated the testdata.  In this form lircd must be running with the "file" driver.

       The  optional  socket  is  the lircd output socket (lircd must be running). It defaults to
       LIRC_SOCKET_PATH  in  environment,   falling   back   to   a   hardcoded   default   value


       -l, --lircrc  <lircrc config file>
           Log also applications strings (as ircat(1)) using lircrc type config file.

       -p, --prog <program id>
           When using -l/--lircrc, the program name matching the PROG = entries in lircrc

       -t, --testdata
           Use data i file instead of "live" input from the remote. This can be the durations.log
           file from a previous run, see FILES. It can also be logged output from mode2(1).

       -v , --version
           Print version and exit.

       -h , --help
           Print help message.


       irtestcase respects LIRC_SOCKET_PATH which if defined holds the path to the  lircd  output
       socket to listen to.


           irtestcase creates files in /tmp/irtestcase (hardcoded, sorry). After a successful run
           here is:

               Printable space/pulse durations in the same  format  as  mode2(1).  This  file  is
               usable as -t/--testdata input.

               The decoded  buttons, in same format as irw(1).

               The application strings, as presented by ircat(1).

           Debug  log.  Setting  the  XDG_CACHE_HOME  environment variable relocates this file to
           $XDG_CACHE_HOME/irtestcase.log. The  amount  of  logging  respects  the  LIRC_LOGLEVEL
           environment  variable,  defaulting  to  the  debug  value  in  the  [lircd] section of


       The documentation for lirc is maintained as html pages. They are located  under  html/  in
       the documentation directory.